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New Game

2010-08-01 18:40:00 by CapnRyan


Budweiser ad... hilarious

2008-06-12 16:00:27 by CapnRyan

Smart people... and horses.

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Shaquille O'neal is a Tank

2008-04-17 13:18:00 by CapnRyan

Look at this beast of a man, I know this is a few years old but still! He breaks the backboard!

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2008-04-17 13:05:04 by CapnRyan

Look at these guys doing all these mad jumps; watch to the end & you will be happy... trust me. =D

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Blam! & the dirt is gone!

2008-02-15 14:04:48 by CapnRyan

I have recently made myself a habit for blamming things without looking at them but looking at the icon & the description instead. Bad habit...

Stupid Actionscript

2008-02-11 14:00:52 by CapnRyan

Why does it have to be so hard. I should stop being so stubborn & lazy & go & learn it now.

I don't much for Christmas...

2007-12-24 14:15:06 by CapnRyan

...because; all I want for Christmas is youuooo, babyy!!! (only messing) I didn't actually ask for much for Christmas I wish I did though, or not because I don't know what to get.

Newgrounds Font

2007-12-23 16:06:46 by CapnRyan

If anyone wants the font they use for the newgrounds header it is called TeketuAL & here is a download. The download is hard to find it is beside the 'ad.s by google at the top right.

*Once downloaded, to install you must extract the files to the fonts folder in your computer (you may have to 'un-hide' the files first.

Newgrounds just got Oldgrounds

2007-12-23 15:13:58 by CapnRyan


Newgrounds just got Oldgrounds

Why Tom? Why?

2007-12-22 11:23:15 by CapnRyan

Why can't we see how many experience points we have? Please put our points on our page so that we can see how many we have.